16 March 2009

Dear iPhone,

You are another one of Apple's great inventions, I had to buy you right away. With your flashy commercials, snappy touch screen and your smooth body. You've got it all! Internet, applications, the new 3G Internet, and sexy looks. People stare at me when I talk one you, you make me the envy of everyone around.

Why, oh WHY did you make me throw you last night?! Your applications wouldn't open! When I rely and I do mean RELY on your applications, like the Lose It! app, where I track my calories, or the Twitter app where I keep track of my friends...

Please never do that again, the blinking your screen did afterward almost broke my heart in two!


P.S. The hour it takes for you to restore yourself along with the hour it takes for you to back up my information, along with the hour updates, are getting old.

Learn how to copy paste you addicting peice of metal!!

I love you!

N.B. This open letter submitted by A. Diaz


  1. *cross arms*


  2. AHHHHH!!! thanks !! now.. for my million dollars...