17 March 2009

Dear Chris Brown and Rihanna,

We bit our tongue. We didn't want to say anything. But, ultimately, we had to say something.

We get it guys:
1. Chris, you like to beat women sometimes. Hey, it happens! Bitch had it coming, right?
2. Rihanna, he hits you because he loves you, right? Right!

But after your well publicized incident you assholes may or may not be back together and you jerks may or may not record a song together?

Are you guys fucking kidding me? (If we have to explain why that's mentally suspect, then you deserve a "Dear People Who Don't Get It" letter)

Here are two basic suggestions for a successful relationship:
1. Don't hit your significant other.
2. Don't stay with a significant other who beats you.

Yes, Mr. Brown and Ms. Fenty, we know these suggestions are hard to understand but it would be a start for you guys.



  1. Yeah these two really piss me off. How stupid do you have to be? Oh what's that? It was just rough sex and you liked it! Well okay then. Seriously though, Morons!

  2. amen. hahahaha thank you, very much. extra thanks for perfect choice of photo. what a cute pair............

    and I wonder what their song will be called.