18 March 2009

Dear That Guy Who Fought That Shark ... And Won,

Hey you, Craig Clasen. Remember how you fought a shark? And won? We remember.

Sure, there's some argument about whether or not it was actually necessary to kill the shark. Sure, some people don't like spearfishermen. Sure, there are some other "ethical" issues being thrown about. Some even claim that your story isn't entirely true.

Whatever. Screw those non-believers.

They don't understand that you fought and killed a 12-foot tiger shark. A TIGER SHARK.

Take one of the most ferocious creatures on land - a tiger - and take one of the most ferocious creatures of the sea - a shark - and combine them together and you get this Chimera-esque beast known as a TIGER SHARK.

And you fought off this monstrosity.

We'll be honest with you: That is pretty bad ass.


Here's a short video clip of Clasen battling the shark. Most of the video is just some gorgeous underwater shots but you'll get a little bit of the shark action.

Click here for a neat photo gallery which includes the man himself below:

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