13 April 2009

Dear Personalized License Plate,

How can can I take you or the driver of your motor vehicle with any degree of seriousness?

We get it. You have a grandson who loves you. You survived cancer. You have a God-fearing family. You love the [insert sports team here]. You really like Styx. You're a dentist/lawyer/cowboy/pimp.

You are aware that the cost of your license plate is included in your registration fees, right? I'm sure you are aware that you don't have to pay extra for a nice license plate number like: 4QTN917

But, yet, here you are purchasing a personalized license plate. Why? It's almost as worthless as putting a spoiler on a Toyota Corolla.

H8T 2 W8? I'd hate to wait any longer before I take a sledgehammer to your license plate.

And MOLTARR? I'd like to tar and feather this vanity plate.

Personalized plates don't impress anyone. Please remove and throw away into hobo fireplaces.



Ed. Note: We get it. You were drunk and feeling self-righteous when you bought that hybrid vehicle. Or you were drunk when you got that personalized plate. Either way, you're a drunk.

Photo submitted by TCFS

Ed. Note: 'Won Big' then. Lost dignity now.

Photo submitted by TCFS

Click below to see even MORE shitty personalized license plates and submit your pictures to me at regardseveryone at gmail dot com

Personalized License Plate

N.B. Photos taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1100IS unless indicated otherwise.


  1. I was drunk when you took that second picture.

  2. haha i hate vanity plates!!!!! do people really need to define themselves via license plate?

    i'd like to know the ratio correlation of tattoo wearers to personalized license plate owners.

    Tatoos and license plates are both messages that you dont see 99% of the time, but everyone else has to


  3. @woody - i was drunk too. HA!
    @TCFS - 60% of tattoo wearers have personalized license plates.

  4. Last night, we saw the personalized plate of the most self-righteous person on earth ...


    I won't be inviting that guy to any parties soon ...

  5. Is the drunk one for real? They wouldn't let someone have ILVTOFU, but they'd allow DRUNK?

  6. Anonymous26 July, 2011

    We speak the same language. Thought you might like my blog: http://platesihate.blogspot.com/
    It's completely devoted to personalized license plates that I hate. My best one recently is (heart)2POLE and O2BEME (on an infinity).