10 April 2009

Dear TV On The Radio,

Many people have tried and failed at covering David Bowie's classic song: "Heroes."

But you, TV On The Radio, have done a pretty stellar job at offering a new, groove-tastic, ass-shaking twist on the song but still retaining the epic qualities of the original:

Thanks for showing the world on how to do a proper cover without destroying the original song.

Oh, and you did the song for charity. That's not so bad either.


This album has a great track list:

Oh, and when are David Bowie and Coachella going to get together?

1 comment:

  1. At the Norwegian Øya Festival this summer they are actually to perform the "Heroes" symphony, a sympony created by Philip Glass, based on Bowies Heroes album. It will be played by the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra. Should be very interesting. Maybe that will prove to be the ultimate cover version. Link;