15 April 2009

Dear Cow Compass,

This is truly exciting news.

If we're ever lost in the English countryside or in the middle of Iowa, we can use you as a compass!
We demonstrate by means of simple, noninvasive methods (analysis of satellite images, field observations, and measuring “deer beds” in snow) that domestic cattle (n = 8,510 in 308 pastures) across the globe, and grazing and resting red and roe deer (n = 2,974 at 241 localities), align their body axes in roughly a north–south direction.
We are certainly waiting for the day when cows can be miniaturized and then used as a compass instead of some sort of silly needle pointing towards an N. And screw you North Star. We can never see you in big cities anyway. And we certainly can't tell which star is which if we're in a desert. Brightest one? Lies.

Anyway, imagine that: a Miniature Cow Compass.

You have a friend and a sense of direction! Thanks, Cow Compass, for showing us the way.


When I was a kid I wanted to be cartographer and the compass rose was my favorite part of the map. And the legend, of course.


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  1. I always knew cows would be good for something besides eating them!