09 April 2009

Dear Röyksopp,

Remember your "Remind Me" music video is pretty fascinating incredible fascinating?

We love the simple isometric visual style and all the infographics that remind us of USA Today old elementary science and social-studies text books.

"Remind Me" also reminds me that you just released a fantastic new record: Junior. I can't wait for the mellow counterpart that's coming this Fall: Senior.

"Vision One" off the latest record is a pretty stellar song:

Y'know, Röyksopp, many of your fans may have cringed from the over-exposure of your music especially in that Geico commercial. And to some your sophomore record, The Understanding, was a bit lackluster especially following your let's-put-this-on-repeat debut album. But this latest record is certainly a return to form! Upbeat grooves, chill synths, sparse, crisp production.

The latest record is clean and efficient. Just like what we've come to know and love from the Scandinavian region.

Keep it coming, Röyksopp!


Tomas Nilsson - a design student at Sweden’s Linköping University - has created a video in a very similar style as the "Remind Me" video and it is equally as captivating:

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  1. Royksopp are brilliant - sadly I stopped listening after Melodie AM, I'll have to catch up with them. The "Remind Me" video was awesome, and I used to sit up until 3 in the morning to see it played on MTV2 (The only UK channel that gave it -any- airtime). I like the red riding hood video too - gotta love the scandanavian technical style - like a giant add for Ikea!