23 April 2009

Dear thenewno2

Allow me to quickly chart the progression of a full-fledged Beatles obsession:
  1. You start casually enough by slowly accumulating and purchasing all The Beatles records.
  2. Then you realize that songs like "Hey Jude" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" were just singles and not on the official UK album releases so you buy the Past Masters series.
  3. Naturally you progress to wondering about the recording process so you buy all three Anthology sets (in addition to the documentary, of course).
  4. You get pretty disappointed about the break-up of The Beatles and wax poetic about Abbey Road and buy into all that mumbo-jumbo about how the love you make is equal to the love you take, so you decide to go with the solo records.
  5. After practically memorizing all the Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and, yes, even the Ringo solo records, you're thirsting for more.
  6. That's when the obsession reaches its lowest point: buying the records of the Beatles children.
Now we're sitting here thinking, boy, we got burned by Julian and Sean Lennon. We've heard some of James McCartney's work on his dad's records but nothing from his solo stuff. And Zak Starkey remains just a hair out of the spotlight while he does some amazing drum work for The Who and Oasis.

And that brings us to you, thenewno2.

Thankfully we're not disappointed one bit! You offer a level of creativity and musicianship that has been lacking in the records from other Beatle-Children. In fact, the music stands up alone quite well.

There's a little Radiohead in there, there's some Pink Floyd, a little rock 'n' roll, some nice synth work. There's a nice dreamy quality to the production.

We're looking forward to more of your work!



And let's be honest here, we actually like Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon stuff too. No matter how cheesey (Jules) or too-artsy (Sean) it can be.


  1. Been a thenewno2 fan for years now, through my George obsession, and always love seeing others getting into them too. Have you listened to their album, You Are Here?