21 April 2009

Dear Amazon Kindle,

Why do you get so much media coverage? Why have you had 300,000 sales? Who is buying you? Where are these people? Why hasn't anyone seen them? Are they using you in shame, in a seedy motel room with nothing but their socks on?

Are you heavy to hold? I've never even picked you up.

Are you like the laser disc? An early adopter fad that anyone in their right mind knows is completely worthless? Will there be an Amazon Kindle in a museum someday?

If someone were to publish a book and it were to go straight to Kindle, would that be like a movie skipping the theaters and going straight to DVD?

So many unanswered questions, Amazon Kindle. Write me back.


N.B. This open letter submitted by K. Baynes

Ed. Note:

Apparently a lot of people are going to buy the Kindle 2:
Amazon expects to sell 800,000 or so of the Kindle 2 devices in 2009, or double the volume of the first generation device.
[Washington Post]
So, I guess if you have some money to burn...


  1. Steve Parker21 April, 2009

    I have a Kindle v2 and I love it. The price is keeping it from the hands of the multitudes, but it is small, light and sexy. I'm currently enjoying a free copy of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea on mine.

  2. Can't really imagine curling up with a kindle, or leaving it at the lake house for someone else to enjoy, or tossing it in my beach bag, or throwing it at my sister! however my cat adapted to all of those situations, so perhaps a computer could too....

  3. The kindle can not write you back it can only read. Perhaps one day it will read your blog. Perhaps... one day...