02 April 2009

Dear Original Nintendo,

There's Super Nintendo, N64, XBOX, PlayStation, the Sega Genesis, and the Atari but my heart always comes back to you, Original Nintendo.

Today, your games are frustrating and tedious, it takes 20 minutes to even get a cartridge working right, and your controllers are way too small for my hands but they evoke a feeling of nostalgia and joy that carbon-based humans cannot recreate.

My Top 3 Super-Childhood-Nostalgia-Memory NES Games:
3. Nintendo Ice Hockey
2. Tecmo Baseball (I know, I know. Everyone romanticizes Tecmo Bowl and Bo Jackson but it was baseball for me)
1. Super Mario Bros. 2
All incredible games. All better than all those other silly games out there.


What were your favorite original Nintendo games?

Super Mario Bros. 2 had the best theme song too and it's re-created beautifully here:

N.B. Photo taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1100IS.


  1. Top 3 NES game
    1)Baseball Stars
    2)Blades Of Steel
    3)Mike Tyson's Punch Out

  2. nintendo was okay for the mario games but, i am still partial to atari. i loved jungle hunt, donkey kong, centipede, pacman, and on the even older atari system pitfall was awesome. so was pong. lol i didn't just age myself did i? lol

  3. Yeah, I was an Atari kid too ... I'm partial to the joystick ...

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  5. Yoshi's Island!

    I'm getting one of those guitars, then I'm going to cut off all but two of my fingers and rock it like Django rocked it.

  6. I started off with an Amiga 500, then I went to the other side and got a master system before getting myself a SNES, so sadly I can't comment on the NES, but my favourite games on the SNES were starwing, super mario world, and super turrican. All awesome games...

  7. Okay let's see... Maniac Mansion, Shadow Gate, and Super Mario 3 were some of my favorites. I really like Donkey Kong Jr. too. I like the strategy games.

  8. How can we all forget these Top 3:

    2.River City Ransom
    3.Legend of Zelda (soooo many hours spent playing that game)