31 March 2009

Dear Women Who Love To Shop,

It's probably your periods:
Women may be able to blame impulse buys and extravagant shopping on their time of the month, research suggests.

In the 10 days before their periods began women were more likely to go on a spending spree, a study found.
[BBC News]
Listen, Women Who Love To Shop, you might think it's bullshit. But last time we checked, if the BBC reports it, it's probably true.

Men are probably wishing they had an excuse for their impulse buys.


The funniest part of that BBC News article is that the caption underneath the picture of Carrie Bradshaw says: Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw loves to shop.

And that's it. See what they did there?


  1. This article is worthless to me unless it includes something we can print out and send to banks and creditors about how we "didn't mean it."

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