27 March 2009

Dear News Media,

Why do you have to go and be so negative all the time???? Google has over 22,000 employees, they laid off 200. That's nothing. No big deal.

Yet meanwhile, in a time when CEO's of various corporations are taking in over a million in BONUS alone, the founders and CEO's of Google are only paying themselves $1.00 in salary. ONE. DOLLAR.

Yes, I know they get stock and all that stuff, but the stock got crushed this year and they're still taking a dollar salary. These people are doing good in the world, but the news media won't report it. Oh no, that'd be too positive.

No wonder the economy is in crisis.

We highlight the negative money grubbing spenders, the layoffs and the crime, rather than acknowledging the good guys, the ones who are creating jobs, taking $1 salaries and donating money to cure diseases.

I'm not surprised that you're going out of business, News Media.


N.B. This open letter submitted by TCFS

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