24 March 2009

Dear Legos,

Remember a while back when that guy tried to steal a bunch of you? Do you know why that is?


Seriously, go take a look at yourself. Even at Wal-Mart a 40 piece set costs, like, a million dollars.

In this economy, how are mothers and fathers supposed to teach their kids about spatial relationships and the value of sturdy, steadfast construction?

Screw paying for you, I'm going to Wal Mart and stealing boxes of the Childhood Memories(tm) that are rightfully mine.


Disclaimer: Regards, Everyone certainly does advocate the stealing of Childhood Memories(tm).

$200,000.00 worth of Legos might build you a small fire station:

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  1. Okay, I loved the personal license plate post, but then I saw this one and now this is my fav - I'll keep reading of course, just in case I'm struck dumb by hearing my own thoughts come out of your fingers.