25 March 2009

Dear Los Angeles,

Listen, it's March. The reason why we pay so much goddamn sales tax here and the reason why we pay so much in housing and spend so much time in our cars in traffic is because the weather is supposed to be incredible. Especially here in March.

But what's with this fog and wind the past week or so?

Judging from the warmer weather we're looking at this current week, I'm pleased that you're getting going on that whole "it's-spring-and-almost-summer" thing. Thanks.


10 Day Weather Forecast.

N.B. Photo taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1100IS.


  1. agreed. but don't forget about june gloom. which didn't really happen last year so bad. so it might come this year with a vengeance.

  2. i'm sure there'll be a stern letter coming from "Everyone" when the inevitable June Gloom hits.