05 May 2009

Dear Paul Gauguin,

Why did you cut off Vincent Van Gogh's ear?
History has always painted Vincent Van Gogh as the artist who cut off his ear. But according to researchers, history might have got the wrong man.

They believe that, in fact, it was Paul Gauguin, an artist of almost equal renown, who cut off his friend's ear.
[Daily Mail]
Oh it turns out that you were fighting with your ol' buddy Van Gogh about a prostitute.

Are you kidding me, Gauguin? You cut off your friends ear over a prostitute?

Whatever happened to bros before hoes?

Then you ditched your buddy. Van Gogh got all bummed out and then shot himself in the chest and died two days later.

You're an asshole, Gauguin. We're going to the Getty right now and tearing some holes in your paintings.



  1. Aren't you jumping to conclusions here? The Daily Mail is a cheap sensationalist tabloid rag. I'll wait til TMZ comes out with some footage before I believe the Daily Mail.
    Proving my point, Van Gogh shot himself in the stomach, not the chest as the Daily Mail reported. Now it seems to me, if Van Gogh was going for his chest, or someplace equally fatal, he had lousy aim. In which case, the whole ear thing could have just been a shaving accident.

  2. Dear Lesley,

    This blog is all about jumping to conclusions! :)


    PS: I do agree that the Daily Mail IS a sensationalist rag.

  3. Anonymous26 June, 2011

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  4. Gauguin was an asshole whether he cut Vincent's ear or not. There are also stories that two kids accidentally shot him and he (Vincent) covered for them. Paul only moved in with Vincent because he wanted to sponge off Theo.