06 May 2009

Dear MTV The Grind,

Ahh. We remember you with such feelings of nostalgia!

This was when cable television was still innocent. This was when the critics were saying, "A 24-hour news channel? That's ridiculous! A 24-hour sports network? Crazy talk! A channel that plays music 24-hours a day? Nonsense!"

MTV looked this critics straight in the eye and said, "Fuck you. We're playing music all day long." [Ironically, MTV barely plays music anymore].

Like a dictator drunk with power, MTV even decided they'd revive that American Bandstand and Soul Train sort of vibe with you - The Grind - and bring dance music to the masses.

The pitch probably went something like this:
  • Think American Bandstand meets Soul Train
  • Think scantily clad chicks and muscle-bound dudes dancing.
  • Think of them dancing around a pool to the latest dance-club hits.

Of course, as you remember, you also spawned a bunch of workout DVDs tapes.

But sometimes all good things must come to an end.

And your end was quite sad.

You had to tape episodes on top of a roof in New York and due to noise ordinances, your episodes had to be taped without music. We can only imagine how the dancers had to manage in such music-less conditions.

But we still remember you with fondness. Especially when we have our nostalgia-filled MTV The Grind parties!


Yes, this show was that cheesy.

1 comment:

  1. I had a Grind workout tape. It wasn't that good of a workout, but I certainly had fun laughing at everyone on it.