08 March 2009

Dear David Beckham,

Remember when you signed a five year contract to help bring more attention to Major League Soccer here in the states?

We remember. You came to Los Angeles with much fanfare and made Americans (or at least Angelenos) care about American football soccer for about 5 seconds.

And then remember how you basically abandoned Major League Soccer? I also remember that.

Yah, we get it. Major League Soccer isn't that great. The LA Galaxy suck. Playing in Italy gives you a better change to play for England national team.

But you didn't even try! What the fuck Becks??

You play about 1.5 seasons the after much "public" (did anyone even notice?) wrangling with your AC Milan and Galaxy transfer trade, you finally agreed to play the rest of the season in Italy and then grace us with your presence in the MLS. And then what? Skip out on MLS?


We get it. You weren't supposed to be the savior of American soccer. But you were supposed to help it, not hurt it. Now the 27 soccer fans in the United States are left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Thanks for setting American soccer back.

Not that anyone really cared.


PS: Please win the World Cup for England. That's the least you can do for working so hard at trying to get back on the national team.

The promise of David Beckham falls short:
So, the stakes are higher now with his $250 million right foot in the league; a league he must take to another level with every ounce of charisma, charm and jaw-dropping skill on the field that he can muster. Beckham, Beckham, he's our man. If he can't do it, no one can.
~ Kristian Dyer, 15 July 2007 column

N.B. Photo taken with my Canon D60 SLR.

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