13 March 2009

Dear Chimpanzee,

I don't blame you at all:
"A canny chimpanzee who calmly collected a stash of rocks and then hurled them at zoo visitors in fits of rage has confirmed that apes can plan ahead just like humans, a Swedish study said Monday. Santino the chimpanzee's anti-social behavior stunned both visitors and keepers at the Furuvik Zoo but fascinated researchers because it was so carefully prepared."
[ Yahoo! News ]
Now, does it surprise you that this capricious chimp is named Santino?

I remember another temperamental Santino:

Keep fucking up those humans, Santino. Both of yous.


Santino the chimp:

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  1. I cut this article out of the Sunday paper to share with my husband. But he had a bad day and I didn't think he'd appreciate the castration of this chimp....no, not one bit.....so I didn't show it to him.