24 August 2009

Dear Overdub,

Listen, we thought that Monday was going to kick us in back of the head while we weren't paying attention but then we came across this song. And this song is going to save our day:

We don't need to tell you that this song is awesome. But, Overdub, we'll say it: This song is awesome.

Radiohead's "15 Step" and Dave Brubeck's jazz classic "Take Five" seem to be the most unlikely of combinations but that's why this mashup works so well.

It takes vision and foresight and true knowledge of music to make this work as gloriously as it does.

Well, Overdub, that and we're just suckers for mashups.

Thanks again for helping out with Monday.


Overdub has a ton of bootlegs available for you to download. Head to the web site and check out all the awesome mashups.

To head to the Radiohead vs. Dave Brubeck mashup - "Five Step" - you can head to this page and it should be the fifth song down. Enjoy!

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