11 May 2009

Dear Honda Robo Legs,

Oh, boy. We see what you're doing Honda Robo Legs. You're slowly encouraging the cyborgization of society. We're not saying we're not open to change but we think there are some serious issues that come up when we start to turn humans into cyborgs.
The device is designed for people who are capable of walking and maneuvering on their own, but who can benefit from additional leg and body support while performing tasks.
[Honda press release]
See, this is where the problems start, Honda Robo Legs.

First, it's Robo Legs. Then it's Robo Arms. Then it's Robo Hands. Then it's Robo Torso. Then Robo Stomach. Robo Eye. Robo Brain. Robo Heart.


See what you started, Honda Robo Legs? You started the slippery slope to Cyborg.

Can you have that on your conscience?

What will do with all of the inevitable Robo Issues Robossues that are going to come up?
  • Will these Honda-enhanced Cyborgs be allowed to play sports with humans? Or will they be shunned?
  • Will human law enforcement have the necessary tools (laser guns, et al.) to fight back against a potential probable inevitable Cyborg revolution?
  • Will humans really be able to Love a Cyborg?
  • When is a human too Cyborg-y? At 25% Cyborg? 40% Cyborg? 50% Cyborg? 75% Cyborg?

Sure, the short term solution is to help the elderly and others with mobility issues but have you considered the long terms Robossues, Honda Robo Legs?

We sure hope so. If not, please think long and hard about the path you are about to lead humans.

We don't even know why we trusted you in the first place. This must the first of your Robo Deception Roboception.


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  1. What do you mean will law enforcement have the necessary tools? law enforcement WILL be the necessary tools: ROBOCOP