14 May 2009

Dear Wallaby,

Thank you for cutting our grass!
Thousands of miles from their native Tasmania, the wallabies help keep the garden trim and have been a big success with the family's three children.
Okay, okay. So it turns out that we need, like, a whole herd pod bunch of you guys to really effectively cut the grass. But why wouldn't we want a handful of you guys to keep the yard trim?

We have weighed the pros and cons:

  • Wallabies are awesome.
  • They are mini-kangaroos.
  • They will keep your grass trim.
  • If wallabies become boring, they can be made into Wallaby Burgers.
  • You cannot train them to box humans like a kangaroo.

We think the evidence is pretty clear, Wallaby. We are going to start getting you into our gardens.

Or our grills.


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