30 April 2009

Dear PT Cruiser,

I hate you. And I hate that people "trick" you out.

You disgust me.


Don't worry folks, Chrysler isn't going anywhere. It's just reorganizing itself. But let's just hope they reorganize the ugly PT Cruiser out of its factories.

Still worried? Here's a primer by the New York Times regarding the Chrysler bankruptcy.

UPDATE: As stated in the comments below, what glorious news! It's like VPTC* Day! According to Bloomberg back in January, PT Cruiser production will end this summer!

* Victory over PT Cruisers

I hate you.


  1. Oh man, I'm going to get one and pimp it out just to piss you off.


  2. you WOULD do that, Evan. god i hate those things.

  3. Fear not, they're already canning them this summer: http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/15/chrysler-pt-cruiser-production-to-end-this-summer/

  4. Sparker! Thank you SO much for this glorious, glorious news. I have updated my blog accordingly.

  5. I have one. I like it. I drove cross country with it twice fully loaded. With the 5-speed manual it's a fun car to drive.

    Chrysler can stop making it though. I don't have to buy another American car. I've also got a BMW and they're pretty fun to drive too.

  6. Anonymous01 May, 2009

    Check out Things I want to Punch in the Face--she does a nice job of giving the PT Cruiser what it is begging for: a well placed smack.

  7. Anonymous02 June, 2010

    Good riddance to the PT Cruiser. I've seen people paint flames on them. As if the original wasn't ugly enough, the convertible is one of few cases of making a car UGLIER with a rag top. I saw one with fake wood paneling too. What's next? Give one to a rice lamer and sit back!

  8. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    Scew you and your HATE for Pt Cruisers because I happen to like them :) Buy The way, there are more serious things to worry about in this world than to focus all your energy and time about how much you hate stuff. YOU GOT SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!