22 February 2009

Dear Hugh Jackman,

With comments like this, we're confident that the Oscars won't be a bore tonight:
CNN: How daring is it going to be? Will there be YouTube moments where people will be talking about the Oscars this year after it happens?

Jackman: One of my favorite moments at the Oscars was when the streaker came across David Niven. And we're upping it a level and we're just going to do most of the show naked. Um, well, there hopefully will be YouTube moments.

CNN: "The sexiest man alive" [is] going to be up there nude?

Jackman: Drunk and nude, yes. So that's our new fresh approach. It's the Australian way.

Drunk and nude! Nicely done, Mr. Jackman. Hopefully your brand of Australian entertainment will help us not turn off the television an hour into the show. Good luck and we'll see you at 5:30 PM PST.


The Full Monty transcript from CNN is here

You might even give Billy Crystal a run for his money. After all you were pretty solid when you hosted the Tony Awards:

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