27 February 2009

Dear Cruise Control,

To illustrate how much I love you, here is a list of the Top 3 inventions of the past 100 years:

3. Sliced Bread
2. Electricity
1. Cruise Control on my '99 Toyota Camry

Here is also a short list of the Top 3 places I use you:

3. San Vicente between Bundy and Ocean Ave.
2. Late-night drive down the 10 freeway between the 110 and PCH.

Apparently there is a cruise control feature on passenger vehicles with manual transmission too. This might combine my two most favorite things in motor vehicle engineering.

Life should be more like manual transmission and cruise control.


N.B. Photo taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1100IS.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I have cruise control on my manual transmission! I rarely use the cruise control, but I love the manual transmission.