18 August 2009

Dear Paul Reubens,


The Pee-wee Herman Show, starring Paul Reubens, has announced an extension of its engagement at the Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood. The production will begin previews November 8, with an opening on November 19, and a new closing date of December 20.

The stage production will be a "re-imagined" version of the show, and will feature Pee-wee regulars, including Miss Yvonne, Mailman Mike, Cowboy Curtis, and Jambi the Genie.
[Theater Mania]
Just no more pulling out your pee wee in public, ok? Cuz no one wants to see that shit.

XoXo - Feel free to recreate Blow for your next project.


N.B. This open letter submitted by TCFS

Ed. Note: When all else fails - like a career - just go with what you know.

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  1. Seriously, I wish I lived in LA so I could see this show. Could he come to Vegas? I would totally invite everyone I know.
    But really, PW - no public PW, K?