18 May 2009

Dear David Caruso,

So, it's Monday afternoon and we are starting to drag. We need a quick little break and re-energize ourselves and get through to the end of the day.

What better way to take a quick break than with some clips from your critically acclaimed highly rated television show: CSI: Miami.

Your one-liners are absolutely classic. Beginning of the show, slipping on the sunglasses, delivering the line, then intro to that Who song in the title sequence.

Absolute gold.

That's why we keep coming back, David. That's why.


Sure it's a seven minute clip but just get it started and sort of zone out to David Caruso in the most Zen way you can. And it's therapeutic.


  1. ahhh he is awful. cringe worthy. ugh.

  2. Awful? The man is the star of one of the world's most popular shows and has carried it since its inception. His 1 liners are pure gold!